Mr. Incredible is the Main Character from The Incredibles


In the Beginning of the Movie. Mr. Incredible Rescues the Cat from A Tree. He Went in the Car, But Buddy was in His Car. Buddy Says "I Am the #1 Fan!". Mr. Incredible Angrily Throws Him Out of His Car & Drives. He Caught the Burglar Steal the Purse From the Lady, Elastigirl Punches the Burglar in the Face. Mr. Incredible Tells the Burglar to Stay Here. But the Screaming People Yell the Man's Going to Jump. When He Saved Him from Jumping Off the Building. Mr. Incredible Hears the Beeping Sound from the Bomb, Bomb Voyage & Mr. Incredible Get Ready to Battle, Buddy Says "And Incrediboy", Buddy Shows Him He Has These Rocket Boots. But Mr. Incredible Tells Him "Go Away, Buddy. I Work Alone". Buddy Tells Him They Need to Talk. But Mr. Incredible Angrily Warns Him "Fly Away, Buddy. I Work Alone." Buddy Is Going to Fly, But Mr. Incredible Screams at Him to Stop it. He's Tired and Sick of Buddy.

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